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Stealthily penetrating a mature whitetail's domain while remaining undetected requires more than a simple gesture of hope. You must have a sound strategic plan of action that revolves around a comprehensive and flawless approach. The guys at Blind Ambition bale blinds LLC have fostered a new and intriguing generation of cleverness; one that is absolutely brilliant and craftily devious.

One of the latest crazes looking to help hunters access a whitetail's core area on ground level is use of a tent blind. There are literally hundreds of makes, models, and mock-ups available. They have their application. But, more than a few discouraged hunters have theirs stuffed in the back of the garage, buried under a stack of flattened cardboard boxes and last week's garbage bags. Basic tent blinds have much in common. They are un-natural in shape, flimsy, quickly discolor, noisy, and their components break-down… Zippers often fail or need replacement.
Savvy buck hunters can attest that mature deer are apt to remain skittish around tent blinds. Merely wrapping camo fabric on a tent doesn't hide the boxiness and un-natural configuration. It's widely understood that tent blinds need to be “really brushed-in” and placed on an inside corner or inside a thick fence line to be effective…severely limiting their shooting angles and reducing coverage of your target zone. Natural concealment has progressed quite a ways in the last decade or so. Many of the most effective innovations have been developed by the military for Special Forces. The BA (Blind Ambition) blind took an innovative approach and has been wrapped with an extremely durable ghille grass, which makes it look incredibly realistic.

Blind Ambition Bale Blinds

Now let me introduce you to what I feel is the most ingenious concealment system this industry has seen in years. And it incorporates many of the positive aspects of ground blinds, namely no tree to climb, no need for a safety harness, and no concern about being “sky lined”, while trying to come to full draw and getting picked-off.., etc. Tim and Tony Noll of Cross Plains, WI brainstormed a tactic that will put you up-close and personal with wary whitetails, instantly… They’ve created a natural round bale blind, which shares the look, feel, shape, and smell of actual round bales that are everywhere. They’ve also engineered a way to produce them in a kit, and ship them efficiently via UPS/ FED-EX, etc. Finally, a round bale blind that makes sense. AND the looks are killer…these things are SWEEEET!! But the Nolls didn't stop there!

The BA bale blind is a custom-built deer and turkey killing machine that you can place in the middle of a food plot, in a waterway between crop fields, and near field edges or alongside 4-wheeler trails. It sports a quiet, but extra-wide door that will easily accommodate wheelchair hunters or big time video equipment. Shooting windows are not pre-cut. You locate and cut-in windows to customize your set-up to your needs. Natural window treatments complete the whole deal.

The blind has a waterproof tarp that shelters you overhead. The balance is wrapped in black fabric that is tough, quiet, breathable, and is mold and mildew resistant. Heavy duty aluminum tubular framing and stout 14 gauge galvanized fencing combine to mold this unit into a lightweight housing that's built like a rhino. The outside is finished off with a blanket of material that looks and smells like it was harvested from a nearby field. The “BA” model even uses Ghillie suit treatments on the ends to enhance the “natural” look. These blinds are also roomy. Hunters who are 6-foot tall can easily stand and stretch thanks to its roomy head clearance of 6’ 1”. The blinds are wide enough to allow for 32” draw length for compound bows. The Nolls have had recurve and longbow aficionado's state these will work for them too.

My favorite benefit for using the bale blind is that it can be placed out in the middle of a food plot and hunted out of that same day…Remember; these animals have grown up with round bales as a natural occurrence in their “zone”. Deer, which are usually very aware of changes to their surroundings, won't hesitate or give it a second glance. The usual acclimation period is virtually a thing of the past. So now you can take full advantage of your target food plot various crops. Early archery season in north-central WI, the deer are in the “beans”. Three weeks into the season, they switch to the fresh growth alphalfa. Simply move the blind at lunchtime, and be in it by 3:30… Then, two to three weeks later, please move the BA bale blind into the fresh picked corn field…It always turns into a whitetail “buffet” line…Similar results will repeat themselves as your other specialty crops hit their peak and become the “HOT” spot.

Blind Ambition Bale Blinds
When you can use infra-red monitoring cameras, mounted in several directions out of these blinds, (those with no flash are preferable), you will be amazed by what's been lurking in your area. So there you have it… these blinds are truly one of the major innovations of 2009. I thank Tim and Tony Noll for introducing BA bale blinds for hunters that require quality and have a relentless desire for the ultimate in their hunting arsenal.

You may find more information about BA (Blind Ambition) bale blinds and accessories at or by phone at (888)317-7355

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