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I need a drink and I need a drink of cold water. I don't do ninety degrees with 88 percent humidity. It might just as well be raining. Humidity is another of Mother Nature's jokes I don't get. Air full of water, cant take a shower, its not raining but I’m wet, and people wonder why I drink once in awhile.

So I’m standing in a type of saw or switch grass I’ll have to look up later for the proper nomenclature. I’m sure I recognized this grass in the desert once during army training. Im standing here because many years ago some beavers built a dam that flooded this area. Then they must have eaten themselves literally out of house and home and moved on. Now years later this ingrown or overgrown beaver meadow is the only open space I can catch a faint breeze.

It's hot humid and sticky today just over there in the densest pucker brush on earth. Its shrouds a brook trout stream full of fat thick squaretails. If the trout weren't biting I’d quit from heat exhaustion. Two holes upstream I took a dunk on purpose to cool off. Now with wet pants in my chest waders it makes me feel like I forgot I was potty trained.

Some days you just can't win. The weather sucks and the fish bite like crazy. The days of blissful blue skies with out a bite, drive me just as nuts. Maybe in heaven there will be a happy medium and my boots will never ever leak. By the way, they usually leak more on cold days to include beaver trapping and duck hunting and I never find the leak at the end of the day either. I always find the leak at “oh” dark thirty first step in the water, first thing in the virgin morn.

Waterproof is a lie perpetrated on all outdoorsman. Our bodies are not waterproof and more often than not, mine is waterlogged. “Don” any gear purported to be waterproof, rain resistant what have you. It never works or it worked for a few hours until it morphed into saturated soggy, soaked or clammy at the very least. I have rain coats that water runs up my sleeves. Boots that not only leak, but once the water is inside it sloshes. Neck nerves from hoods that didn't keep the drops out but caused cold water rivulets that some folks think are wrinkles.

Today my chest waders didn't leak so I filled them with sweat. Then to make matters worse I filled them with freshly rinsed trousers when my mind failed in the heat induced mirage of a dry day. Ah, Boots that let the water in when I don't want it, and they won't let the water out when I don't need it. I’m still wet, ergo, not water proof.

Maybe it's the heat today but I wonder how trout do it, and do it without scotch.

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