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Trout Whisperer

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When I’m fishing alone the conversations can be kinda one sided and like over toasted bread, dry. I think to myself when the fish don't bite maybe I should try over there. So then I go over there. Over there, might be off a far island or into a back bay, but since I don't have to explain this to anyone else, I just think over there, and that pretty much covers it.

Once I’m over there, if I don't get any bites, it's like replaying the same old tape. If on the other hand the fish cooperate, then I think, am I glad I came over here and why didn't I come over here first. Pretty exciting stuff don't you think?

Also I talk to myself more when the fish don't bite. Like, Maybe I should try a crawler, if minnows aren't working. Or instead of a jig, I’ll try a slip bobber set up. Another thought forms, I look at the water and make sure nobody is looking or listening from another boat. Then not too loudly I say facing into the water, what do you fish want? I say that kinda menacing. To date I haven't received an audible answer but since I’m not talking to myself directly I can't really be consider “touched or crazy” and I use this tactic sparingly.

When the fish have absolute lock jaw I seriously threaten them in my mind with, okay if I don't get a bite in one hour I’m gonna quit for the day so you better start biting. I say that with real purpose and a sense of urgency like now it's no joke and I’m mad at them. Then I think to the fish the only way they can be forgiven, is to bite. This works occasionally but not enough to merit it as “a cant miss” or “sure thing” fishing technique.

So it's getting close to the end of the appointed fishless bite less hour. So I may give them ten more minutes but that's it. I think that quietly to myself without letting the fish know I really mean another twenty minutes. If the fish somehow read my mind and still don't bite I get to thinking maybe it's a better day to just go home.

When I’m at home all by myself without any fish I think to myself, boy I sure am getting dry. Dry, by the way, is my word for “thirsty” after the noon hour, but before the legally sanctioned dinnertime cocktail hour on fishless Saturdays. So I raise my glass and think in my head “here's to the day without any fish,” to my way of thinking, that's a pretty dry toast.

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