Spring Turkey Season Recap

Steve Johnson

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Turkey Season came to an end without a bang, but we still had a blast chasing those birds this spring. The season is just over a month long here in Maryland, but seemed to end too quickly this year.

Turkeys escaped us time and time again this year, but not for lack of effort on our part. Seems every time we got the perfect setup some thing or some one would spoil the set. We had the kids walking down the gravel driveway to the bus one more run off a tom and a hen that we working inside 50 yards. Then it was the late morning gobblers working the end of the field that fell silent when the “gas man” pulled up the driveway to fill the farmer's tank.

With our full time jobs calling, time wasn't on our side most mornings, so we had to make decisions to pack it in before we would have liked. This caught us a few times; including one setup we had working for nearly 45 minutes. This gobbler was a long way off, but slowly heading our way. We actually picked up and moved in closer knowing that he wasn't going to get to us in time. We slid up the hill and peaked over to see the bird heading down the logging road in our direction. We setup just down the hill top where he could see the decoy once he got to top of the ridge. After we got setup, he answered us once, then not a peep. Twenty minutes went by without one answered call. With work in the back of our minds, we decided we had run out of time and he had probably moved on in another direction. As we crept to the edge of the power lines which was 5 yards in front of us and looked to our left, there he was 35 yards getting ready to walk right down to our decoy.

There are quite a few stories were lady luck left the building this spring, I guess that's the fun of it all. We did get to hunt, we were on birds nearly every morning and we had a great time on the roller coaster of spring turkey season.

I’m not exactly sure how many times the alarm went off at 4am this spring, but of the thirty hunting days we are allowed; I’d be willing to bet it was more then twenty. Those figures don't bode well for proof of our turkey hunting skills, or maybe they do, either way we had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit to take to the woods next spring.

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