Magnet Gun Caddy

Aaron Daye

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When you get to your hunting location or when you arrive at your shooting range, you may do what I’ve done for years and that is, lean the gun against your truck when getting your stuff ready. We’ll, do this long enough and you’ll experience what its’ like to have a gun slide off your truck or trip over it in the dark.

Not only can this create a dangerous situation but you can damage your vehicle and or gun.

That's the exact problem the Magnet Gun Caddy can prevent.

Magnet Gun Caddy

I recently had the opportunity to use the Magnet Gun Caddy while turkey hunting this spring and was very impressed how something so simple can elevate a potentially big headache. For years I have been leaning my guns against my truck tire or between the cab and bed of my truck. There's been more than one occasion were I have tripped over it in the dark and one memorable event were it slide down the side of my truck, leaving a nice scratch to buff out later. The Magnet Gun Caddy is a foam pad with a magnet on one side to attach to your truck or car. During my recent turkey hunts, I used my shotgun but I also tested the Magnet Gun Caddy with my muzzle loader, 30-30 lever action and my H&R ultra slug gun and the Gun Caddy worked as advertised.

The biggest question I had after seeing the Magnet Gun Caddy for the first time was would I use it, not so much of would it work. If you’re anything like me, you have a routine when you arrive at your hunting location. The first couple of times I had to remind myself to take the Gun Caddy out of my glove box before getting my shotgun out. Now I’ve decided to keep it right in the gun case, and it comes out with the gun. After a few hunts its now part of my routine and I won't be leaning my shotgun against my truck tire anymore.

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Magnet Gun Caddy

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