If it wasn't for Bad Luck....

Steve Johnson

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Well... Bad luck prevailed again this morning... Hunting before heading to work is great, but being a little rushed to get to work creates tough decisions that don't seem to be going our way…

We setup early on the edge of the power lines and had been talking to a bird most of the morning. The bird would answer a lot, but didn't seem like he was getting any closer. Judging by how often he would gobble it seemed he was alone. We decided to close the distance a little since time wasn't on our side. We slid up the hillside, peeked over the top and spotted the bird headed down the road towards us about 300 yards away.

We quietly slid back down the hillside and got setup... As we began to call from our second setup the bird answered but then fell silent. About 15 minutes had gone by without a Gobble. This, even after he had been hammering back to us all morning. We thought the bird would come right down the road to us, but it seemed he got side tracked. We held out for another 5 and decided he had gone another way.

As we got up and moved towards the edge of the power lines which was about 5 yards in front of us, we looked to the left and there he was 40 yards down the edge of the power lines and getting ready to walk right down the hill right to us. Of course anyone who has hunted Turkeys knows this bird saw us long before we noticed him and decided the best bet was to fly off into the sunrise.

Another close encounter without a bird on the ground... We can't seem to catch a break...

Tomorrow that will all change... We have located some new birds (including a monster double bearded bird) that seem to be using this field every morning... We will be setup before sunup and ready to try it again…

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