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For several months I had been emailing with a woman who wanted to try ice fishing for the first time. She made mention on several occasions how she was most definably, a city girl. Was concerned about having enough warm clothes and we could not move at the pace of a mountain man as she was four years older than me. I assured her that since I was just a Minnesota flatlander, we shouldn't have too many problems.

Friday I met her at the appointed gas station and we shuttled her gear into my truck. I asked if she had a non res Minnesota fishing license, she did, and then made sure she got a trout stamp. Driving into the Superior National Forest she made note of the fact that for the first time she could recall she had to pack one suitcase just for winter boots, jackets, hat, gloves, snow pants and so on. She was amazed at the bulkiness of the clothes to try and stay warm. Was it really worth all that for a fish? This just has to be a guy thing. I said I knew lots of woman that really enjoyed winter, not just ice fishing.

When we were loaded back up she said we have to get to a gas station and quick. I asked if she would excuse me for a minute. When I got back she was now adamant that all of nature was designed especially for men. I said why in heavens name you would say that? She said you guys are even endowed with outdoor plumbing. I don't argue when a lady is paying. I dropped her back off at her rental car, and as she drove away, I was left wondering what she really felt all day.

Saturday morning donned bright. My gal pal arrived from my historical high school days. We actually dated three times way back when just as I was getting set to graduate. We were reunited in the produce section about two weeks ago. Back then, she attended a different high school and we met at a football game. She was walking past the bleachers; I saw her and tripped over the flattest football field I ever played on. It was a great three dates until my Uncle Sam called, I answered the call, he flew me to Germany via scenic San Antonio Texas. The time apart, just took its time.

So now, years later I told her what a tall lovely looking lass she was so many, many years ago and life had done nothing to diminish that. Were jigging for sunnies ice fishing and her response left me floored. As an elementary school kid and all the way through senior high she was forever teased with names like lady long legs, giraffe girl, and so on. She said while others may have thought her elegant in stature she cowered inside. She was so self conscious about her height. Not only that, but No one would ever date this tall long haired blonde because they just knew she had to be dating some freshman in college. Then she set the hook, I was the first boy to ask her out in high school. I knew that back then, all the cute girls had older boyfriends, I was so positive, and a lot of guys said why bother, I asked her anyway. We laughed about then, were not sure yet about now.

Sunday I got up and just plain skipped going to church. The lady I was taking with was perfect as usual. I packed with no questions or arguments. She mystically probes, so how ya doin? I kinda answered back with a question, that I thought, under the circumstances, I was holding my own. She eased an answerer into my brain, she had to agree, Mr. your doing okay. Said that daughter of ours was really something, I thought, isn't she just our little angel. I thought I am so proud of her, but that it hurts; my only kid had to be gone for another six whole months.

From somewhere comes into me, not to worry, from moms lofty view, she’d keep an eye on our girl. A plump rainbow trout ghosted her thoughts away. I packed up and headed home. I’m fishing with the guys all next weekend.

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