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Organized coon hunting has been around for many years, and while no one can say for certain the turn of 20th century is as good of time as any to say it at least began to build in popularity. Coon hunting is usually done with specially trained dogs and seems to be a bigger part of traditions in the south, although there are coon hunters all over this great country.

Coons are normally nocturnal animals which range in size from 12” to 28” and can weigh over 35 pounds. With no real threat from predators their usual 2 to 7 young have a great chance of survival. They can eat just about anything, but prefer frogs, crayfish, insects and berries. They are very agile creatures who swim well enough to drown almost any dog they encounter in the water. They can also climb trees very well and can find their way into just about anything they deem has food in it using their teeth and claws. They like to live in trees near creek bottoms where food can be plentiful. It's not uncommon to see coon tracks in the mud along the creeks edge, this is how a lot of hunters do their scouting before going out on a hunt.

Coons are hunted all over the country in many different fashions and for many different reasons. Population control is a major factor in hunting coons. As we said, they have no real predator, which means they are able to multiply very rapidly. This leads to over population and costs farmers millions of dollars each year in lost crops. Special permits to hunt coons are often given to farmers with an over abundance of coons.

There are many different breeds of coon hunting dogs, and depending on who you ask will depend on what answer you get as to the best. A few of the more popular breeds are: Black and Tan Coonhound, Blue Tick Coonhound, Redbone Coonhound and Treeing Walker Coonhound. Each breed has strengths and weaknesses as with anything in life and each is more then capable of tracking and treeing a coon.

Coon hunting groups, websites and organizations are everywhere it seems, but the American Coon Hunters Association or ACHA is one of the oldest. ACHA was formed in the 1940's and today holds the longest running “World Hunt” in the sport of coon hunting called “The ACHA World Championship”. This years contest will be the 62nd consecutive World Hunt.

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