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I opened the medicine chest and took out my bottle of aspirin. For a split second, I thought about taking them all, instead of the two, as advised on the label. I think my earlobes aren't sore, but that's about it on my entire carcass.

Well let's suppose you and your buds decide to go fishing. Everybody loads up there gear and away you go. When you get home if nobody caught any fish, who cares, right? That attitude when someone is paying you, just doesn't sit well.

As a fishing guide the worst possible scenario is not coming home without any fish or zero bites. The worst thing that can happen is you bring back your client with a limit of fish, that you as a guide caught, while he didn't get one bite out of three different lakes.

I drilled more holes than a half crazed oily drilled Texan. I’d set up his ice fishing rod first at each and every new spot. Its just didn't matter. He would send it down the hole and the only thing gushing back up was slush. I was getting a headache trying to figure out what to do.

If I dropped my bait, same bait as his by the way, it came up splake. Lovely colored splake. It came up rainbow. Oh what lovely hues of pink from gill plate to tail. I said, “Hey we need to switch holes”. Trout have a funny sense of humor.

Some of my better apologetic lines went right from two pound test to how I thought “the next ones gonna hit his line for sure” He looked at me through fourteen below wind chilled sunglasses and let me have it, “You northerners have a different brand of bull up here don't you”?

This brother came all the way from the lone star state to the North Star state and I must say the border waters were pretty cold to him. The lakes held the fish I promised. Bright colored trout laid on top of the superior nationals forest frosting of fresh snow gleaming so bright. I had the proof, one limit of frozen trout. After the fishing day was over he wanted some eighty proofs.

Dang if driving home from a trio of the fabled ten thousand, we didn't catch a glimpse of Bullwinkle's sister. I was going to make a Minnesota bull reference, but I let it pass. So this morning on the way to the airport I mentioned to my Texan acquaintance that my head sure hurts from all his generosity last evening. He said in Texas “we don't get headaches, we give him”. He gave me two.

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