The Heart Attack Buck

Steve Johnson

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Another Giant Buck in an E-mail... The first picture almost looks like it was edited, it's just too big to be real... But then there's that second picture of the buck captured... Here's what I think I know, I could be way off...haha

This buck was Supposedly captured somewhere in Texas... Judging by the tag in his ear in the one picture, I would say this buck lives inside a fence... But regardless, it's still a MONSTER Deer... They rough scored him at 248 inches B&C he's over 32 inches inside and 34 inches outside, and he is supposed to only be 4 years old... I have also read that he has a million dollar price tag... Not sure who would pay that kind of cash, but there are alot of rich people in this world so who knows...

Here's why you are really reading this article... The Pictures!!

**UPDATE from the Forums**

"This Buck is a legend! He WAS a 4 years old and was captured on a low-fenced ranch but was taken to a breeding facility and he was the largest buck around but rumor has it this buck died from stress-related illness........but his genes are out there for future generations....."

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The Heart Attack Buck

The Heart Attack Buck

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