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String leaches are a necessary evil in the archery world. They really help quite your bowstring down in a hurry. The downside is they break or wear out at the worse possible times. As you already know even the slightest change in your setup can alter your shot. So when the string leach breaks off, you’re setup could now be affected. When you’re on the range at the 3D event or shooting in the NFAA finals, this could mean the difference between winning and a losing. Not the best situation to be in.

XFactor Outdoor Products has come up with the latest innovation in string leaches. They call it the “String Factor”. This is a virtually indestructible string leach made of a specialized A-Tech rubber. I literally tried to rip one of these in half and could not do it, but at the same time it's very flexible. This takes string leaches to a whole new level.

String Factors Couple reasons why I think the String Factors should be a serious consideration for your bowstring. First, it is backed by a lifetime guarantee that it will never break. That in itself seems worth it to me, never having to buy another set of string leaches suits me just fine. Next you have arrow speed on your bow. Anytime you attach something to your bowstring you will lose arrow speed, this goes for peep sights, string loops, kisser buttons, and even string leaches. Other string leaches can have a 5-7 FPS loss in arrow speed, while the String Factor boasts only losing 3-5 FPS (we were not able to verify this at the show, so we have to take their word for it at this point). Doesn't sound like much, but it doesn't take much to lose 15-20FPS once you start adding things to the string, so every little bit helps.

Another cool thing we saw with the String Factor was Peep Sight adjustment. What I mean by that is, since the String Factors are so strong you can literally slide them up and down your bowstring which twists your peep sight. So if you peep sight is starting to creep around and you can no longer see through it, you can slide the String Factor up or down the bowstring which will twist your peep sight back into position. I’d like to see that done with some of the other leaches on the market.

Overall this product seems like a great solution to a problem everyone who shoots a lot faces at one point or another. Stop by and check them out for yourself at

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