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One of the latest innovations in scent dispensers is made by Stink Stick. The Stink Stick is made in the USA and made of heavy duty durable plastic. The Stink Stick is built to withstand the harshest elements you can throw at it.
There are no "O-rings" to rot or break here, the threads on the Stink Stick are tapered to keep scent fresh when closed. The unit we tested had a cologne covered wick inside which had a powerful smell. When the unit was closed there was no smell at all, which means you can leave this in your hunting pack without smelling up your pack, truck or house.

Stink Stick OriginalEach Stink Stick comes with a replaceable fiberglass wick that will last for years. Stink Sticks are available 2 different sizes, Original and Magnum. The original Stink Stick has an opened length of 5 ½ inches, while the overall length of the Magnum Stink Stick is 12 inches. Both the original and magnum are available in 3 different colors; Hunter Green, Shed Brown and Blaze Orange. The New and Improved Glow in the Dark eliminates fumbling around in the dark trying to location your Stink Stick.

This is a high quality product you can depend on. There's nothing worse than a cracked scent dispenser leaking all over your pack. With the Stink Stick you can be sure your scent will stay fresh and where it belongs.

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