Preperation for Turkey Hunting

Blake Hagemeier

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Whitetail season is now officially over in Illinois. The stands are packed away and the layers of late season gear are back in their scent free totes, and its time to transition to the next season. Throw away the scent free shampoo and hang up the rattling antlers. In only a couple months it will be time fill the pre-dawn woods with the hoot of the barred owl in pursuit of turkeys!

In preparation for the season, I’ve stripped my bow down and am beginning to start the tuning process all over again. I’ve turned the poundage as low as my bow can handle and have switched to a full containment rest due to the possibility of having to put a stalk on a strutting tom. The lower poundage allows the hunter to stay stable at full draw for a longer period of time which is vital to bow hunting turkeys. They seem to never stand still for more than a split second and when they do their often at an awkward angle.
Along with the decrease in poundage, a different broadhead can be utilized. Archery turkey hunters usually turn to large diameter mechanicals. These heads leave room for error when shooting at on the go turkey. They will also loose energy quickly when hitting your target. A hunter is better off shooting a bird and the bird running off with the arrow in the bird than blowing right through. With the arrow still in, the blades are still cutting if the bird runs off.
Chasing birds with archery equipment is best suited for hunting out of a ground blind. To prepare, the hunter should always practice shooting out of the blind from a seated position. As funny as it sounds, sitting in a chair in a small enclosed blind is a challenge especially with another hunter and camera in the blind.
Chasing spring turkeys is blast and a heck of challenge for a bow, but with some practice and preparation you can not only have fun hunting these beautiful birds, but also be successful.

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