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The Must have of the Show has to go to Motor Mouth Sounds. This is the ultimate in vehicle customization. Motor Mouth Sounds gives your vehicle a voice. What the voice sounds like is up to you, it could be a Turkey Gobble, Elk Bugle, Feeding Mallards, Fighting Bucks or a host of other sounds. The best part about the unit is you can buy multiple sounds, and swap them out depending on what season it is, or how you happen to feel that day.

With the Motor Mouth you use your existing keyless entry key fob to activate a sound when you lock and unlock your truck, car, bad boy buggie, or whatever else you set it up on. It's really neat to hop out of your truck at the local sporting goods shop and lock your truck and hear the sounds of Turkey's Gobbling on the roost in the spring. Motor Mouth sets your vehicle apart from the rest which is my favorite part.

Motor Mouth Sounds I personally have installed one of these on my own vehicle and it took 45 minutes and 20 of that was looking for my tools. The Motor Mouth comes with everything you need for the installation down to zip ties and even a test light so you can find power for the unit. This really is a nice kit and a breeze to install, even for those who are mechanically challenged like me.

Motor Mouth Sounds have a huge variety of sounds, not just for hunters. Although who wouldn't want the sound of the great outdoors coming from under the hood? To see their full line of sounds and order your Motor Mouth, Visit

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