Hunting in the Grocery Store

Trout Whisperer

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It's meat eating season for me. A time of year I get to feast on beef, elk and venison. I cook better with some onions carrots and rutabagas. These vegetables grow better at the grocery store than my house so it works out well for me.

I'm wandering down the dry packaged aisle at the grocery store looking for a gravy packet, this is one thing bachelors do. Its one of those items I never remember to put on my shopping list. We also have to put on our glasses to read the fine print so we don't mix up Cajun fired Creole indigestion when all I really wanted was some tame brown sauce with the same red label.

From out of aisle seven Vince, in only Vince's way, smacks his grocery cart into mine, grins and accidentally knocks over a rack sending two dollar bottles of ground cinnamon everywhere. A store clerk comes over and now the three of us are cleaning up the mess.

Since we weren't to busy all of a sudden I asked Vince how his deer season turned out. After a half hour the two of us befriended the young clerk, promised next week to take him ice fishing and maybe picked up a handful of spice jars, but the kid in the green apron did a super one job.

This conversation wasn't planned like a hunt would be. The cinnamon spilled, and then words suddenly poured all over the grocery store. The kid cleaning up the mess hung on every word. Vince standing next to Durkees, Heinz, Shawnee and assorted varieties captivated us both as he vividly recalled his big buck still hunt back in the Kane lake swamp.

A spicy tale it was I can assure you. He told the youngster how his boot broke through some swamp ice and how he had to hike almost a half mile with one wet foot. I could almost hear the squeaky boot. The kids mop bucket was working overtime.

Vince starts waving his imaginary 30-30 and we all got out of his way just as the clerk saved some jars of pickles from crashing off the shelf. Vince lined up on a head of lettuce and I swear I heard the actual rifle go off when Vinnie's voice boomed.

The shot was true and the buck dropped, then Phil the pastor from the Lutheran church who heard the rifle report by the lemons asked how long the shot was so we all walked over to the frozen foods aisle for a good long look that Vince said was about from the pizzas, to the frozen juice section..

Vince needed a loaf of bread and the kid thought it best if he just tagged along. We headed for the checkout and I packed my stuff. The kid got Vince's groceries and reminded us both of next weekend for fishing. That's when I remembered the only thing I forgot was the gravy packet I wanted to buy.

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