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This is one of the neatest “gadgets” we saw at the show. Most of us want to get the maximum potential from our equipment and no matter how fast the bow shoots; it's never quite fast enough. Well Bow Turbow is here to help. Basically it's an adjustable cable slide that allows you get the maximum potential from your bow. It replaces your standard cable slide with what you see below.

Bow Turbow

If you simply take off your stock cable slide and replace it with the Bow Turbow in the same position we saw a speed increase of 10+ FPS, which we were highly impressed with. With about a quarter inch adjustment to the position of the Bow Turbow we saw speed increases from 16 to 24 FPS. We didn't take it any further than that, but we are told they have seen increases over 40 FPS. We were just as skeptical as you probably are right now, and I had to actually shoot and test this myself. They had a Bowtech Stryker setup at 45 pounds with light speed arrows, I shot it with the stock cable slide and it shot 242 FPS, not exactly fast but at 45 pounds what do you expect. Then we added the Bow Turbow to the setup and shot the exact same arrow and it shot 264 FPS. These are actual results I saw with my own eyes. That was a 22 FPS increase over a stock cable slide.

Here are some of the other benefits you could expect from adding this to your setup. You can lower the poundage on your bow and still shoot the same speed. In some cases you could lower the poundage by nearly 10 pounds and shoot the same speed. With increased speed comes increased kinetic energy, always a plus when hunting. The addition of the Bow Turbow had no noticeable effect on how quite the bow was and didn't affect the draw cycle at all.

At this point they only have them designed for bows with a standard 3/8th inch cable bar. However I was told at the show they do actually have one that will work on the Mathews with the wheel cable slide, and the next project is one for the Bowtech and could be expected within the next month or 2. Retail on these are from $59 to $79 I am told, although I don't think you will be able to find them at the local sporting goods shop just yet.
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