Three Locked Bucks

Steve Johnson

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I think I first started to get this e-mail in early December of 2008. This picture is almost too hard to believe for me. The thought that 3 bucks could get into fight so aggressive at the same time with one another, that they are able to lock all 3 racks together is just a little too far fetched for me. But I guess stranger things have happen.

Here is what I have heard about these pictures....

These bucks and the pictures are from East-Central Texas (seems a lot of weird photos coming from that area this year)… Supposedly they were found locked up and one of the bucks was still alive. They cut the racks from the dead bucks and one of the bucks was able to wobbly run off into the brush.

As I said, I’m not real sure I believe this or not… But the photos are below...

Three Locked Bucks

3 Locked Bucks

Three Locked Bucks

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