The Buck Stalker Deer

Steve Johnson

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Buck Stalkers Big DeerIt was November 27, 2008 Thanksgiving Day, I hunted that morning and seen some deer but no shooters. So, I went home and got my wife and kid then we all headed over to my moms house for Thanksgiving dinner. Well, at about 1:00 pm I decided to go back and hunt that same afternoon. I killed a nice 9 pt. two years early on my Thanksgiving evening hunt in the same patch of woods. I got to my sweet spot and decided to still walk an oak ridge, as I started up the first ridge I caught movement about 100 yards away. I got on a knee and looked through my binoculars. I seen a doe feeding on white oak acorns. I stayed still and watched her, a few minutes later I seen another deer... it was a buck and it was a shooter! I stalked him for about 20 yards. The leaves were dry and I was being too loud so I decided to take the shot, with nothing to prop on I free handed it. I had him in my scope then the doe got in the way. That went on for a few minutes, as they fed back an forth. Finally, I got the shot and I let the ole Knight 50 Cal. rip.

He started running towards me and fell about 40 yards on the side of a ridge. I loaded up another round and shot him again, then he jumped up and ran another 40 yds. before piling up. This was another good buck I stalked up on. This was the same buck I rattled up a few days earlier but couldn't get the shot. He was rutting and was with a doe. He weighed 220 lbs. and had a little over 19 in. inside spread. He was killed in Desoto County Mississippi.

I strongly recommend still walking, and keep your eyes peeled you never know what you'll see up ahead!

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