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Whitetail Deer Hunting It was November 3, 2008 I busted out of work early to get set up based on the Moon Guide time of 4:22. I walked to the stand at 2:45 jumped a deer going in. Was set up by 3:00. About 4:00 tons of geese started flying over and landing in the field behind me. Three does hopped by reacting to the flocks of geese honking and flying over. It was noisier than downtown D.C. Finally the geese stopped flying in and the woods started to settle down at about 4:15. I started making doe bleets every 15 minutes and about 4:45 I could here deer walking through the woods in the distance. I thought I heard a buck grunt but wasn't sure, then a doe busted out past me at about 4:50. Then I heard the grunt again, but it sounded what I thought to be a small buck. A couple minutes later a nice eight point walk in the open and started thrashing overhead tree limbs on a holly tree. I decided he was a shooter but two things were working against me, he was following the doe that just past through and he was heading away from me.

That's when I reach for my Primos grunt call and left out a few doe bleets, he continued to walk away as I watched him make a scrape out of bow range. I had already started planning on how I was going to close the distance for the next hunt to get a shot at Mr. 8. I gave another doe bleet, I heard him stop walking but couldn't see him, I hit the doe bleet one last time, that's when he turned and came looking for me. He came in looking for the doe and I didn't let him get closer than 25 yards when I left the arrow go at about 5:05. I could tell by the sound of the hit and the way the buck ran off it was a good hit. I went to the spot of the shot and didn't see any blood. I backed off and took my gear to the truck to wait for one of my hunting buddies to finish his hunt. When I got to my truck another friend was there and all pumped up about killing his first buck (9 point) with a bow a few minutes earlier. I helped him get his buck out. Then the three of us started tracking my deer. We found blood about 15 yards from the shot, followed the trail for about 50 more yards and there he laid. Not a monster but a decent 8 point and a hell of a memory.

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