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Deer HuntingFor my christmas present/senior trip my dad blessed me with a hunting adventure to Canada. I had to wait 11 months, until November 1st, to really unwrap my present. When the first arrived we flew into Saskatoon Sk. and slept there at a hotel that night. Our guides from Clear Sand Outfitters came pick us up the next morning. We took a nice 3 1/2 hour truck ride out to the middle of nowhere. The camp was nice along with some cool weather.

Monday everyone was wide awake and anxious to sit on their stands. Me and my dad sat together and saw 12 does. One guy ended up killing a decent deer. Tuesday we all went back out and I went sit by myself. 4 people ended up killing including my dad who shot a nice 8 point. Wednesday 3 more guys killed and again I saw nothing that was worth shooting. This meant I was the only one left to hunt. Thursday I knew I would get one but it didnt happen. Friday didnt bring me luck either.

Saturday we are planned to go back to the hotel. We pushed that trip back until noon so I can try hunting one more time. I look at my watch at 11:20 and wanted to cry. I just put my head down in dissapointment knowing the hunt was almost over for good and I never got a buck. Right when I picked my head up this joker showed up. I picked up my rifle and popped a quick round before he dissapered into the woods. He was probally going check his scrapes I think. My shot stopped him in his tracks, but he did not fall. I bolted my rifle and shot again. This time he slowly ran off, out of my vision. I got on the radio and called in my shots to my guide. He was already down the road waiting to come get me and he had heard the shots. He said hang tight I will be there soon.

When Jesse (guide) arrived I climbed down and got onto the 4wheeler with him. He told me he had seen my buck laying on the trail, about 35-40 yards from where I had shot. I was super excited, I was shaking so hard I thought I would rattle the tires off the 4-wheeler. When we got to see him I was thrilled with my trophy. I helped load him and we headed back to the area that we park the trucks and 4-wheelers. My dad was already there waiting to see my kill. He was so excited you couldnt tell who had killed the buck!

When we brought him into the camp he ended up weighing 300lbs and we roughly scored him in the mid 130's-140 class. He had really dark choclate horns and bladed G2's. Also he had a decent bit of mass. All the guys at the camp were happy for me. I ended up with the 2nd biggest deer of the week, but the best story. The night before one of our guides made me read a magazine artice entitled "Last Hour of the Last Day". Never thought I would end up being the guy who could have a story like this. Deffinatly worth the wait.

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