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Big Bucks Saturday 22 November 2008 was a lot of firsts for me in my 33 year hunting career. I was fortunate enough to bag my second buck during the Maryland bow hunting season. I've bought a bonus tag every year in Maryland anticipating shooting two bucks in the same year, until recently the money I have spent on bonus tags was just my contribution to Maryland DNR without bagging a second buck. In 2008 it was a Novemba to Rememba!! I headed to the stand around noon, based on the temperature being around 30 degrees all day I suited up with my cold weather gear for a 5 plus hour hunt. At 1300 hrs a doe brought a nice eight point by my stand. He wasn't big enough to fill my second tag. I didn't start seeing deer again until 1500 hrs. I videoed some small bucks, does, and button bucks while waiting for a chance at Mr. Big. About 1600 hrs a doe came running by my stand at about 45 yards heading away from my stand. I grabbed my camera to catch some rut activity on video. I saw a large bodied deer in the thicket and could only assume he was the one following the doe. I kept the camera on him waiting for him to step out.

When he did I kept the camera rolling for a couple minutes while he stood looking at the doe. What I saw on the camera was definitely a shooter. I put my camera down and grabbed my grunt call to see if I could turn him around and get a shot with my bow. When I hit the grunt call the doe spun around and ran right past my stand at 10 yards. Of course you know what happened next. Mr. Big turned and started walking right behind her. I couldn't move, I didn't have my bow in my hand and the buck was walking right towards my stand. The doe walked about 30 yards away from my stand. He was watching her every move. Luck started to turn my way one more time. I had hung some Excite lure (recommended by a guide on one of my trips to Illinois) about 25 yards from my stand.
As he walked down wind of the Excite he turned and started walking directly to the lure. I had two large trees in front on me. When his head went behind the first one I grabbed my bow and stood up, when his head went behind the second tree I came to full draw. He stopped for a few seconds and then he took two steps, he stretched his nose out to smell the lure, I took the shot, he exploded out and knocked my cotton lure swab about 10 feet in the air. I knew it was a good hit based on the sound of the impact. He ran what ended up being 50 yards and made a terrible crash. I knew he was down. I retrieved my arrow, plenty of blood and a complete pass through so I back out of the spot and headed back to the trailer to get help. When I got there no one else was hunting so I called one of my friends to help me get him out. I'm glad I did he ended up being a 200 lbs 10 point with an inside spread of 21 inches and an outside spread of 24 inches. My next stop was Creative Whitetails to have this buck mounted and give him the respect he deserves. It's been eight years since I have had a deer mounted but I knew there was only one man for the job Dean Ursiti of Creative Whitetails. We shared a few hunting stories and Mr. Big was on his way to be hanging on my wall. I won't be hunting bucks with my bow anymore this year but plan on shooting a lot of video the remainder of the bow hunting season.

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