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Blake Hagemeier

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It's been quite a while since I have seen something take over the bowhunting world like the Rage Broadheads have done in the past year. These heads are “All the RAGE” as they are saying. After reading countless positive experiences from people who have used Rage broadheads, I decided to give them a try this season and have been thoroughly impressed so far.

Upon receiving the two packages I ordered, I installed the practice tip that is included with each pack of heads. The arrow flew perfectly with my field tips at distances out to forty yards. The practice heads look the same as the real heads themselves but the blades don't open up which ensures easy removal from your target. I was shooting into a bag target and the heads were easy pulled out after shooting. I would be hesitant to use the practice heads in a 3-d or foam target for fear they would really take some chunks out of it and decrease it life of use.
I weighed the heads to check for grain consistency and found them to be all relatively close. The range between the heaviest and lightest of the 6 heads was only 1.9 grains. These blades are easily locked into the place when the blades fold back and click into the rubber o-rings that come with them. The buyer is also supplied with 3 replacement o-rings.
My first experience with the real head was this past week when a couple does traveled into an oak ridge. Both shots were at distances of around 30 yards. The first doe was shot slightly quartering away and the second was perfectly broadside. Neither traveled far and left remarkable blood trails that made for easy tracking even in the dim light of the overcast morning. Upon recovery of the arrows, the blades were all still intact and could probably be re-sharpened for further use, but Rage now offers replacement blades for their heads. The blood trails started within 5 yards of the location of the shot. It looked as though someone took a glass of red paint and threw it down the trail. I’ve seen great blood trails in the past from archery kills, but these topped them all.
The entry and exit holes that the 2 blade Rage created were very impressive. With a cutting diameter of 2.5 inches, there were two huge holes in both deer. In the first doe, both lungs were completely gone, and the second one nearly had her heart cut in two.
Neither shot was affected by the ribs when it entered the deer. Due to the design of the head, a hunter must be conscious of shot placement. Hitting the shoulder bone would greatly decrease penetration, but that is an issue with nearly every head on the market. Both shots easily passed through coming from a 63 lbs. Switchback and 380 grain arrow.
I’m excited to see the next wound these heads create!

We, the members and field staff of HuntOnly.com, decided to take these broadheads into the field and do so real world testing. So far the field staff and members have taken more then 10 deer with these broadheads and the results have been phenomenal. The entry holes these broadheads make are creating blood trails like I have never seen and the deer are traveling an average of less then 50 yards.

HuntOnly.com, its members and field staff are in no way affiliated with Rage Broadheads and have been given no discounts or broadheads to try. We are real world hunters buying new products and doing our own real world testing.

Here are some of the Comments we have seen so far on these new Rage Broadheads.

“They fly great, and as you can see from the pics they open a hole up.”

“I can say this; the entrance wound with the rage is like nothing else I have seen before. Not from a fixed or mechanical.”

“I will say, I have never seen a wound like this come from a broadhead.”

If you are interested in seeing some of the photos of entry holes and blood trails the Rage broadheads are making you can see them by clicking below. Please note these are GRAPHIC Photos and viewer discretion is advised!

Rage Broadhead R&D

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