Gear Review: Moultrie I-40

Blake Hagemeier

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The Moultrie I-40 digital scouting camera is one of the most advanced scouting cameras on the market today. It takes color 4.0 megapixel color photos by day and infrared photos during low light and night time hours.

I have used the I-40 cameras for two years now and have yet to a find a better functioning camera in this price range. The I40 can be purchased for around $229. Equip it with the required 6 D cell batteries and a 1 GB SD memory card and the camera will run for up to 6 weeks depending on the number of pictures it takes.

Gear Review: Moultrie I-40

One of the key aspects of trail cameras that I look for is response time. The I-40 will take a picture in under 1.5 seconds after sensing motion. With this fast trigger, it is highly unlikely that you will miss a deer walking past the camera. Some comparable cameras offer trigger speeds in the 3 second range. These cameras require careful aiming down the trail in order to assure good photos. I know 1.5 seconds doesn't sound like much, but if a whitetail is walking a steady pace within a few yards of your camera, that 1.5 seconds is a huge difference.

The color photos taken by this camera are great quality as are the IR photos. The IR flash will illuminate game at distances over 12 yards which makes this camera a great candidate for field edge placement where deer don't necessarily travel down a specific trail. Another great aspect of the I-40 is all of the options it includes. The user can select between still and video mode and can also choose between the number of photos and length of clips they desire. Still picture mode can be adjusted to low, medium, and high settings, depending on the quality of pictures the user wishes to take. One to three photos per activation allow the user to adjust the number of photos taken based on the camera's location.

Gear Review: Moultrie I-40

When the camera is placed on a bait site, the user should select 1 or 2 photos per activation to avoid quickly filling the card with multiple photos of game spending hours in the same location. On the other hand, setting the camera to take three photos is ideal for use along a trail where a buck may be trailing a doe or two. The video mode is a great option for use on a scrape during the late pre-rut. The user can capture some awesome footage of a big bruiser working a scrape and licking branch during day or night by utilizing the video mode. When using this mode, the user can also adjust between 5, 15, and 30 second lengths and low or high resolution modes.

Overall, the Moultrie I-40 is a great all around camera for the price. It provides the user with a plethora of options at an affordable price.

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