Gear Review: Firenock G Series

Blake Hagemeier

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The Firenock G series claims to be the most advanced lighted nock available for use in archery. After spending just a short time playing around with them, you’ll quickly learn why.

When using the Firenock, there is no fumbling around with the nock prior to the shot as there is with other lighted nocks on the market. Firenocks activate due to the acceleration of the arrow upon release. There is no need for a slight gap between the nock and arrow shaft, nor does it have to pass by a magnet in order to light. This sets it apart from all other lighted nocks available today.

Firenock G Series
Upon receiving my G series hunting pack, there was a large plastic bag with the 3 practice nocks with weights to match the real nocks, a nock tool, 3 nocks with circuit boards installed, 3 batteries, and 3 o-rings. This package retails for $54.99. Yes I do agree that is expensive, but with a little care, they can last a very, very long time and they are nearly 100% reliable.

I began my session by weighing the nocks and practice nocks to see if they match their claims. The Firenock is said to weigh 27 grains. My three came weighed in between 28-28.8 grains. I was using a Lee Precision powder scale. Not the most accurate in the world I’m sure, but it gave me a ballpark figure. The practice nocks were all 27.9-28 grains. My standard Gold Tip nock weighed 10.9 grains; therefore, with the Firenock, the weight of your arrow will increase 17-18 grains. Not a huge change, but may be noticeable at distances over 30 yards.

Installation was a breeze. You simply insert the battery into the wire clip and slide on the o-ring until it fits in the groove of the battery. Then insert the nock into the arrow just as you would a regular nock then you’re ready to go! After retrieving the arrow you simply hold it anywhere over six inches from the ground and drop the arrow onto a hard surface and it will deactivate. At first I couldn't get it to shut off, but I wasn't dropping it nock first. I will admit, it's a bit scary dropping a $15 nock onto a hard surface, but these things are tough as nails and the fall won't hurt them at all. All three nocks lit up as expected and look awesome in flight.

Firenock G Series

These nocks are an ultra-bright 8000 lux. In other words, they are incredibly bright and can be seen from distances over 50 yards in the middle of the day. Their batteries claim to last for up to 18-24 hours continuously. So if you make a questionable hit on a deer and decide to come back in the morning, chances are, the nock will still be lit and you can pick up the trail from there. A battery refresh pack can be purchased when the original batteries run out. With the technology that is in these nocks, as long as you don't destroy the circuit board, I could see them lasting many years.

Firenock G Series

I can honestly say that I will never own another type of lighted nock. They are lightweight, super reliable, and just plain awesome in flight. There is no playing around with activator magnets or the nock itself after installation. I will say they are a little expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. Not only will they aid in watching shot placement and animal recovery, but also in checking arrow flight when practicing before the season.

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