HHA Optimizer Lite Elite 5519 Bow Sight

Steve Johnson

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The Optimizer LT Elite is made of one piece machined aluminum, so durability is standard. The sight has 1 pin, so no confusion on which pin to shoot when you come to full draw. This particular version of the Optimizer LT Elite comes with a 2” sight housing wrapped with 10 feet of .019 green fiber optics, so brightness is a non-issue as well. Sight also is fully adjustable without any tools and is compatible with magnification lens and a light.

I purchased Optimizer LT Elite 5519 on the recommendation of my grandfather, and it is just as nice as he said it was. The design and quality of the sight leaves nothing to be desired. I was able to bolt in on my bow and have every yardage from 20 to 60 yards sighted in, within an hour. That's impressive.

HHA Optimizer LT Elite

This sight is designed so that you can shoot your bow at 20 yards and again at 60 yards and through a special piece of tape that comes with the sight find “Your Number”. Your number corresponds to predefined pieces of tape that come with the sight. Find your numbered tape and attach to the sight. Each piece of tape has a range from 20 to 60 yards in 1 yard increments. So after this short exercise, your bow is sighted in for every yard from 20 to 60 and the best part about that, it WORKS… So as I stated, in about an hour you can have this sight setup, sighted in, and ready for hunting, 3D, backyard shooting, whatever the case may be.

Cons of the sight, and there are a few, as with anything.

The biggest issue, and it may not be an issue for some is weight. The Optimizer LT Elite has a lot of moving parts and is made of high quality materials, so it's on the heavy side at 11 ounces.

I’m not sure you can count this as a con, since this is what this type of sight is designed to do, but a 1 pin movable sight means just that. Before each shot it must be adjusted for the desired shot distance. With today's range finders, this can be a great thing as there is no guessing which pin to use, how high to hold, or anything. However, when the shot changes after you come to full draw (Buck catches movement and jumps back 15 yards and stops) you will no longer have the correct yardage on your sight and you’ll need to let the bow down and adjust the sight before an ethical shot can be taken. This may not always be a problem, and may never be a problem. But it “could” be a problem, just something to think about.

One last con would be price, in today's archery world $100 sights are almost commonplace but this sight gets to the high-end of pricing with a retail of $169.99.

Overall I would say this is a great sight, very well built, and really makes shooting longer distances easy, has a bright pin for low light, and a single pin is a great benefit when buck fever sets in and you end up using the wrong pin and shooting over his back.

Good Luck this year!

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