Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket

C. Jeans

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This is not for the faint of heart. These arrows have one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to blast through whatever it hits. These arrows fly fast, they fly straight and they hit with a punch!

I purchased one dozen of the Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket arrows two weeks ago, and I love them! The first thing you will notice when handling them is the diameter of the shafts. They are considerably smaller than what most hunters are used to. The second thing you will notice is the price tag, 120.00 per dozen. They are not cheap, but in my opinion well worth the money. The shafts are constructed of a thick carbon core wrapped with a 7075 alloy metal jacket. The whole purpose behind these arrows is to provide hunters with increased penetration, and unmatched durability.

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These arrows utilize the HIT ( Hidden Insert Technology) Technology. I recommend having the pro shop install these inserts for you if you are not familiar with them. If you will be shooting broad heads with replaceable blades then you will need the broad head adapter rings which will cost app.. 17.00 per dozen. They are small and easy to lose so I recommend getting a small case to carry them in, a 35mm film canister or a mouth reed call case works well also. The adapters are needed due to the small diameter of the shafts, they hold against the rear of the blades to prevent the blades from shifting backward when impacting your target.

Now on to the arrows themselves. I had mine cut to 28 inches, shaft size - 400 ( 9.9 gpi ) - armed with field tips. I was shooting into a Game Winner Target.

My first day to shoot these arrows the wind was blowing at 10 mph and gusting at 15-20 mph. I found no disturbance in flight due to the wind shooting from 45 yards and less. This again is due to the smaller diameter. I have found that once you extend your range past 45 yards you will have some drift due to the wind. Upon pulling my first 4 arrows I shot, I found that these arrows penetrated the target almost 4 inches farther than my previous gold tips. This is due to the smaller diameter of the shafts. I spent two hours that first day shooting the arrows and I enjoyed every shot. These arrows are much easier to extract from your target than others, even with the increased penetration. While shooting, I hit another arrow ( good shot group ) the arrow had impacted the shaft of another and followed the length of the shaft into the target. Unlike a carbon that would have either shattered or splintered and then had to have been discarded, the shaft that was hit, was slightly "dented", I immediately shot the impacted shaft from 50 yards to 10 yards in 5 yard increments. I found no problem with flight or penetration. It is still a good practice arrow, though I would not recommend hunting with it due to it having been damaged, but it does not need to be thrown away. I have not taken any big game animals as of yet with these arrows, but I must say thus far I am very impressed with them. They are durable, the fly straight, and there is a noticeable difference in penetration.

However, I would recommend having your shafts refletched, with fletchings of your choice. The factory fletchings are not very durable, they will ripple on you if shooting through a whisker biscuit and can rip off in flight. This seems to be the norm with factory fletching jobs.

All in all, for the money these are great arrows. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a tough durable arrow that will provide the hunter with unsurpassed penetration. You can read more on these arrows on Easton's website.

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