Minutes Too Late on an Awesome Whitetail...

T. Briggs

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On the evening of November 5, I went out to a stand location I have been hunting actively all year. It is located near a food source. Well there is a whitetail buck that I estimate to be about a 145-150 class brute. I have been looking for this buck all season long. I have had pictures of him on my trail cameras from the first week I put them out in August until I took them out 2 weeks ago.

Well I hadn't seen a deer all evening which is kind of unusual this time of year, but 5 minutes until last shooting light I heard the footsteps faintly coming my way. It was 5-7 steps then silence for a few minutes which seemed like an eternity. I had an instinct for some reason it was a big buck. I sat and waited and about 15 minutes after last shooting light I could see a silhouette. The body on this deer looked big from what I could tell. The buck was probably 30 yards away, when he turned broadside and every inch he turned the faster my heart began beating. Since it was after legal shooting light and I am not the type of hunter to just begin slinging arrows in hopes of hitting a deer, I could only watch. I couldn't live with myself if I had wounded him and never found this buck. I just saw his white rack glowing in dark, I sat there for another 15 minutes waiting for him to leave. I was so close but yet so far on this nice 145-class Pope and Young whitetail buck. Its only a matter of time, things are heating up here I have seen bucks chasing hard these last few days. I will be in the stand every chance that I get for about the next month, in hopes of having this whitetail on the wall by next fall.

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