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As a waterfowler, all the knowledge I have obtained has always come from someone else. Well, maybe with the exception of what not to do, that all was self taught. Fun stuff like, testing water depth with a new gun, or trying to substitute toilet paper with willow leaves (Not durable, let me tell you). But all the things that make me a half way decent wing shot today I learned from someone else. My Dad taught me that it was always good to have a durable thermos for those cold mornings, and if you didn't have a durable thermos, to have a pretty decent cup and a buddy with a durable thermos. When I first picked up a call, my Uncle told me that he could put some pitch into it and with just a little of my Uncle's “pitch”, my call was sinking in the decoys. Obviously trying to tell me something, I figured it was time I find a new sound.

My search led me to the local outdoors store that wasn't bigger than my family's garage. There selection was some what small but I figured I would still have a look. The only duck call on the shelf was one made by someone I have never heard of, Buck Gardner was the name and the call was Fowl Mouth. Naturally, I did what any duck hunter does and ripped the call right out of the package and blew on the call quietly enough so the person behind the counter didn't scowled me for calling or laugh at my terrible rendition of a mallard hen. Even with that mouse squawk push of air, a distinct “quack” came out of the call. I was amazed, I actually produced a sound that closely resembled something from the waterfowl species. All that afternoon and night I blew that call until I figured out what would get me by the next morning in the blind. Just a few quacks and some chuckling would hopefully keep my call dry and out of the decoys.

Over time I began to learn more about who Buck Gardner was and realized what a big name he was in waterfowling. A Champion of Champions world class duck caller, Buck has been helping green horns like my previous self break into the sport of waterfowling for decades. Anxious to know more about him, I recently was able to ask him a few questions about himself and his work...

Where did you originally grow up?
[Buck Gardner] I grew up in Aubrey , AR. Just outside of Marianna.

Where was your first duck hunt?
[Buck Gardner] I hunted with my Dad in the Warrior Bottoms about 3 miles SE of Aubrey.

What made you decide to make your own calls?
[Buck Gardner] I just wanted to see if I could make a call sound like I wanted it to.

What is your favorite Buck Gardner call?
[Buck Gardner] BuckBrush Acrylic single reed.

What do you like most about your job?
[Buck Gardner] Getting Kids started hunting.

What impact do you hope to have on future waterfowlers?
[Buck Gardner] I want to encourage them to be good ambassadors for our sport so that we can all keep going afield. I also want them to pass along this privilege to the next generation and not to forget and take their old Dad's hunting when they grow up.

Where do you see Buck Gardner calls going?
[Buck Gardner] I hope we will continue to grow in the Waterfowl business and also be able to grow more into a full line call company having a complete line of deer, turkey and predator calls. We want to continue to innovate in the area of instructional media.

If you would like any information on Buck Gardner or Buck Gardner Calls, please visit his website: www.buckgardner.com

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