A Night in the Whitetail Woods…

Steve Johnson

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This was going to be an evening in the whitetail woods to remember. My computerized scouting almost seemed to pay off already as I slipped down into the new found funnel that was littered with rubs, and a few scrapes. I tried not to get too close to the dirt trail as a walked through and the excitement of the evening to come was almost too much to take.

As I crept through to the other side of the funnel, so as to use the wind to my advantage I quickly located the perfect tree for my climbing treestand and was quietly perched 25ft in the air just before 3pm. I hadn't been in the tree for 2 minutes when I hear a branch break in front of me. I quickly grab for my release and get an arrow knocked. I am far from being settled in, but this deer wasn't waiting, he was headed right for the funnel, and 10 yards by my treestand setup. As the whitetail steps out from under the beech tree I quickly start the guesstimate the size of his rack. Good main beams, about an inch outside his ears on width, G2's, G3's and brow-tines, all of which are a little on the short side, light on mass, dark in color; and all this inside 5 seconds, not too bad. I quickly am able to decide this is a great 8 pointer, but about a year shy of what I am really looking for. I decide not to take the shot as he steps into my lane at 10 yards, I had time to get a great look at him and I really hope he can make it through the season. The potential of this buck is awesome, if everyone else hunting the area can do the same and let him walk, next year he’ll be a great whitetail for sure.
That evening while sitting in a brand new treestand location, I watched as 3 different 8 pointers pass by, along with 2 other smaller bucks and 4 does. This is one hot funnel for whitetails, but I don't feel as though I have seen all the whitetail bucks traveling it. I will be perched in that stand location waiting on a giant whitetail again in the near future, and I’ll keep you posted on exactly what happens.

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