Working Hard and Rushing for Hunting Season...

T. Fanning

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This past month has proved harder to hunt than I could have ever expected. Let alone to keep a journal about it. Every week I would run home, try to work on my blind, hunt, then fix whatever I broke trying to hunt out of the blind I am still building- only to rush back up to school.

. I did get some shooting done along with as little work as I could possibly do. So I think I can scrap what I did get out of the experience and pass it on to anyone else who thinks they can live a double life from the class room to the duck blind.

Life Lessons of a "Run-n-Gun" Fowler:

1. If you think your gonna make a cute little list of things that you
need to get done and think your gonna get 1/4 of that list done-Please, step into REALITY my friend. Its nice and warm here.

2. When cutting brush a machete can be useful. A chain-saw can be even better. But trying to wield both of these tools at once is just no good at all.

3. If someone just, out of the blue, lets you use their boat- you will break something. Its guaranteed. Its more than a life lesson, its a Law of Nature. Just ask my buddies boat trailer at the bottom of the lake. Eh, make that ex-buddy.

4. If over the summer when you had work to do your only friend was your dog, expect to find new "cousins", "buddies" and "comrades" coming out of the wood work just as the blind is finished.

5. Note these same people hunting your blind as soon as you head back home.

6. Also note these guys making sure to tell you how good the week was as soon as you get back.

7. Finally, do not mix romances. Even though your dog swears she loves you the best, she wont be the one cooking those teal when you get back home.

You might want to refer back to this list in a month. Even though the pursuit will vary, your scenarios will never change!

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