Pre-Rut Is Here....

Steve Johnson

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The long awaited time of year is fast approaching, and as much as hunters are trying to guess which days spent hunting will be best, the bucks are starting to make their rounds, guessing which doe will be the first to come into estrus. Yes the Pre-Rut is upon us, and that magic few days of hunting the whitetail rut will be here before we know it.

After spending a few days in the woods it's easy to notice all the pre-rutting activity going on. Scrape and rub lines all over the place and for a lucky few hunters, those first sightings of mature bucks on their feet during daylight hours. I for one, still have yet to lay eyes on the first shooter of the year while hunting, but my time will come. Hours and hours on stand and preparation for these few magic days will hopefully payoff with that one split second where it all comes together, and we find out if we really can, close the deal.

The pre-rut chasing phase should start to sweep across the nation over the next week, and this cold front we are experiencing early should help move that right along. The next 2-3 weeks will be some of the best hunting time on-stand this year, and if your serious about putting your tag on the Whitetail of a lifetime, you should be in the woods hunting every chance you get. The Whitetail Rut is the most exciting time of year to be in the deer woods, calling, decoys and scents can be used to dupe mature whitetails into bow range and a bucks survival instincts seem to take a back seat to the hot doe trail he's following.

My time spent hunting late last week had multiple small buck sightings and does still cruising through the acorns that are still everywhere! This week I think all that will change, the mature bucks that have been eating and resting for the past month will start to come alive with the desire to fight and breed. Make sure your out there hunting as much as work will allow to catch some of the best action you’ll see until November 2007.

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