Fun in the Whitetail Woods...

E. Jones

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I’ve been hunting hard the last 3 weeks, spending at least 4 days a week in a tree watching and observing the whtietail activity on our farm. This year we are faced with a very atypical situation, unseasonably cool weather, and this has got the deer fired up.

The bucks are becoming very territorial, and have viciously broken up their summer bachelor groups. This means you could be seeing new bucks you’ve never seen before each time you enter the hunting woods. It happened to me last week; I have new trail cam pictures of a great buck that I haven't seen all summer.

So what's this mean for us? Simple, the rut will be here sooner than in years past. After talking to many experienced hunters and outdoorsmen, I’ve come to the conclusion that we will be seeing much heavier whitetail rut activity in the first week of November than we have in the last few years. This cool weather could be a true blessing to hunters and we can expect an exciting few weeks of the whitetail rut. I’ve arranged my schedule to be out in the woods hunting for the next three weeks, so stay tuned for the results.

This Sunday I’m leaving for a bow hunting trip to Illinois. I’ll be sure to take many pictures and post a very detailed journal when I return. Good luck to all of you as the rut approaches fast!

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