First Whitetail of the Season...

T. Briggs

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Well I had been waiting for this past weekend for a long time. I heard earlier in the week that the temperatures where suppose to get down into the lower 40's which should make for some great hunting, but when the weekend got here it was actually a low of 45 and a storm front was approaching. I was so pumped to get in the woods, when Saturday morning rolled around I was in the stand 30 minutes before daybreak.

I was hunting a funnel where 4 bottoms come together. The wind was perfect and I was confident and ready to go. As it began getting later and later and still no deer, I began to question my setup. I usually get out around 11, but I was getting frustrated and had made my mind up to get down at 10. Well at 9:45 I looked to my left and I saw 4 does coming in fast and I decided to take one, seeing that we needed the meat and we have so many does on our place. Well as I get my bow off the hanger on the other side of the tree, three more deer come down the trail, a 4 pointer and two spikes. The first doe got in bow range and I passed on her because she was on the small side. The next doe was a shooter though and as I drew my bow and I wasn't nervous yet but talk about hard to get draw with 7 deer around. It was a 30 yard shot so I held steady and pulled the trigger on my release. She went up a hill she started staggering and immediately fell and did two flips down the hill. That's when the adrenalin started pumping.
I waited 30 minutes to get down and find my arrow. It was covered in blood, and there to my left she lay, about 25 yards. While it wasn't the biggest deer I have shot with my bow, it was the biggest doe I believe I have ever harvested. It feels good to get one in the early hunting season and builds my confidence for November when the rut comes into full swing. No more does for me the rest of the year, but I am ready to get back into the woods for some more hunting now that I have seen all those deer.

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