First Mock Scrape of 2006...

Steve Johnson

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October 1st of the 2006 Hunting season found temps in the high 70's in MD, not the type of weather we think of when the whitetail rut comes to mind. However the whitetail bucks in the area are already gearing up for what is sure to be an awesome time to be a Bowhunter.

I took notice of two large rubs on my way into the stand last week, and figured it was about time for the mature bucks in the area to start scraping. I decided to setup a mock scrape along with a trail camera not too far away so I could monitor what I hoped was going to become an active scrape.

The setup was going to be pretty simple. I planned carefully to bring everything necessary into the woods with me. This included a scent dripper, all-season mature buck scent, trail camera, rubber gloves, and plenty of White Lightening to eliminate scent. I found a tree about 20 yards from a stand location in a creek bottom. I have a few trail camera pictures of a mature buck using the area. The tree is small poplar tree with an overhanging branch just off a well-worn trail. After deciding which tree I was going to use I began to get everything setup. I took out my rubber gloves and sprayed them heavily with the White Lightening, and then poured my All-Season scent into the dripper. I was careful not to set my things down next to where I was setting the scrape up so I didn't leave any unnecessary scent around. Next I tied up the dripper as high as I could reach onto the over-hanging branch. I then found a heavy stick and scraped away the leaves under the dripper until I had a dirt spot a little bigger then a paper plate. I was careful to scrape all the leaves in the same direction, the same as a deer would do if he were standing there, pawing the ground. Once I had what looked to be a perfect scrape, I got my camera setup to catch all the action.

After everything was setup just perfect I grabbed my pack and headed out of the area. Now all that's left is for the mature buck in the area to find that he has an intruder, and lay claim to the scrape. I am almost as exciting about checking my mock scrape to see if a whitetail buck has found it, as I am to hunt the area. If you’ve never setup a mock scrape, it can be a lot of fun and also very rewarding. Its also a great way to see which bucks are using the area, and start getting them fired up for the fast approaching rut…

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