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T. Briggs

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It's the third week of hunting season here in Georgia and I haven't seen much activity thus far. I have only seen 11 deer and been out nearly 20 times. It's frustrating for me this time of year. The deer just don't seem to move down here early in the hunting season.

I just have to remember all of the trail cam photos from summer scouting and the two big bucks I’ve seen. That is the motivation I need to get me in a treestand in this heat. Sitting in the treestand in 90-degree temperatures, with mosquitoes swarming all around, can make for a bad day. Sometimes while sweating in the treestand and in-between slowly swatting at mosquitoes I think to myself, why I am sitting in this tree. For me it's just being in the outdoors hunting and the chance that I might see a deer that makes it seem worth it.

I believe success can be had in the southern states in the early hunting season, and I usually hunt in between a food source and a bedding area. The most success I have had this year is in a particular bottom where I have a feeder setup about 300 yards away and a treestand setup in a hardwood bottom. The pines, where the deer like to bed are about 300 yards away. I know that it is not the finest time to get out in the woods but the mosquitoes and heat aren't enough to keep me from hunting. The chance that I may get a shot at a great buck drives me to the woods on a consistent basis. I simply enjoy the outdoors and hunting and wouldn't rather be doing anything else.

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