Another Shooter Buck...

Blake Hagemeier

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Saturday was a cool blustery afternoon. I was hunting the farm where I videoed the two big bucks the week before. This time I was set up in the area we saw them come out. I was in a nice staging area full of rubs and a few scrapes.

I felt I was hunting a great spot. I just happened to turn behind me to get a drink of water and noticed a doe coming through the beans. Not far behind her was a shooter buck. He was definitely feeling the excitement of the cold weather. Had I set up on the edge, I might have had a chance, but I was 40 yards into the timber and had no chance. I only saw them for a few second, just enough time to picture him on my wall in my mind.

With three sightings of shooter bucks in this same area in the past week, I will definitely be returning the coming weekend. The forecast looks promising too. 50's for highs and 30's for lows. The bucks should start to feel even more anxious. I plan to start doing a little light rattling and calling this weekend. The scrapes should start to become more and more numerous and the bucks should be on their feet. Good luck hunting to everyone this week!

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