Turkey Season Revisited...

Z. Hall

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It was opening day of the turkey season in Louisiana. I had a good night's rest and slept in late. I woke up, sat in the living room, and talked to my mom about turkey hunting. She suggested going given that we have an abundant flock nearby.

I grabbed my diaphragm and headed out the back door to check things out. Still in my boxers, and not knowing what I was about to experience, I gazed in the field for no longer than a minute when I noticed a huge gobbler strutting for 3 hens. I lost my breath and almost choked on my diaphragm. I finally stopped staring at him and bolted into my house, put my camouflage on, grabbed my gun, and almost gave my mom a heart attack heading out the door.

I made a huge circle around him and his ladies, set up, and started calling. He gobbled and gobbled, but wasn't interested in another woman since he had plenty right in front of him. After two hours passed, he finally went off with his hens. I had an idea where he may be headed, so I ran what seemed like a marathon just to get ahead of him. After I set up and called a little bit, he became interested and ventured my way quickly! My heart started beating, and I began to sweat. He finally was about 10 yards away from me when I let the hammer down on him. It was the greatest feeling of my life and he was the biggest gobbler I’ve ever taken! It's not often that you get to sleep late, walk out your back door, and let the hammer down on an impressive gobbler. That day was in my favor, and I thank the good Lord for it each time I think about it!

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