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A few months ago I was searching for new archery gadgetry and stumbled upon the STS. This clever device is essentially a stopper for your bow string, that helps reduce hand shock and string hum. After doing some more research I decided to purchase one as an experiment, to see if it truly quieted my bow. I was pleasantly surprised with the results I achieved.

My bow noise became nothing more than a quick thump, with absolutely no hand shock. I also gained one unexpected result, the increase of about 4 FPS on my arrow. How does the STS give you more speed? It stops your string dead at its resting point, whereas normally your string travels forward of the resting point (commonly the cause of forearm slap). When the string travels forward in the normal shot, it is being slowed by the bow. The bow wants the string to return to It's resting position so it effectively pulls back on the string, wasting useful energy. This along with the other great results causes me to highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to make their bow quieter and faster.

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STS Setup

Installation and Setup: 4.0/5.0

Installing the STS on your bow is a snap. If you have a threaded hole on the rear of your riser you can buy the rear mount version of the STS and install in minuets. The bow I shoot only has a front thread, so I purchased the front mount STS. I simply unscrewed my stabilizer and screwed the mounting bracket in its place. Conveniently the screw for the bracket is threaded at the rear so I was able to mount my stabilizer easily.
The more difficult part of the setup was adjusting the position of the stopper. Some bows require the stopper to be “pushing” on the string, while others require it to be forward about 1/8th of an inch. I suggest playing around with the positioning in order to find the “sweet spot” where your bow is most quiet.
Another key part of the setup is string protection. With the violent impact between the STS and the string, some type of protective serving is needed. Get your local proshop to serve the area where the STS hits or you could do what I did. I had some rubber stoppers on the string already and placed them so the STS hit them first. It helped make the bow even quieter. Below is a picture of the contact point.

Design: 4.5/5.0

The design of this product is fairly simple, stop the string's motion dead. It does a great job of this. The one issue I had with the design was the mounting bracket. It only has one set screw, it would be more useful to have two setscrews so it would be easier to fine tune. Also I found the setscrew can come loose easily. This problem can be quickly solved with a drop of lock-tite.

Effectiveness: 5.0/5.0

This equipment lives up to its name: Shock Terminator Suppressor. It completely eliminated hand shock for me, as well as suppressed a great deal of the sound. I should also praise the added energy saving feature. A faster arrow means more kinetic energy downrange, what every hunter wants.

Possible Problems:

There are some minor issues and complaints I have heard about the STS from various users. One common complaint is that it makes the bow shoot poorly. As with anything that changes the motion of the string or arrow, retuning is a must. I checked my tuning after installation and had to make only a few minor adjustments to get my bow back in near perfect tune. Another common complaint I see is the “slapping” sound it creates. I noticed this myself when I first started using the STS. So like a good engineer I did some experiments. Using a camcorder I shot my bow with out the STS and with the STS. I set the camcorder up next to the bow as well as behind the target. The results were obvious when I watched the video. First off my bow had a loud hum without the STS, which was completely absent after installation. I did notice a slapping sound when standing next to the bow, but downrange I couldn't even detect the bow. It is my belief that the slapping sound is loud to the shooter because it is reflected backwards from the bow. When standing in front of the bow it is almost non-existent. One tip I have if you are having trouble with the slapping sound is to put some moleskin on the STS stopper to help soften the blow.

STS Closeup

Overall I am highly satisfied with the STS, if you have any further questions post a reply to this article and I will respond as soon as possible.

Overall Score: 4.8/5.0

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