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C. Jeans

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Ok, folks, now before we start I think we all should understand that the sight each hunter chooses to use on their bow is a personal choice, what works for one person may not be worth jack to someone else. Now having said that, if you shoot with anything other than a Spot Hogg sight you are missing out!

Do you want a sight that is durable? Do you want a sight that the manufacturer will stand behind? A sight with super bright pins? Than a sight from Spot Hogg might be the one for you!

I purchased the 5 - pin Real Deal sight, with the 2 3/8 inch guard, it comes with a horizontal level, and 0.029 pins, as well as a wire guide. This is another product in the archery world that doesn't come cheap, but it will last you provided you take care of it. The average cost I found to be in the 130.00 to 140.00 range, though if you get on EBay, you might be able to find one cheaper.

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All sights developed by Spot Hogg are made of 6061 aircraft aluminum, you don't have to worry about these sights breaking on you, they are extremely durable.

The Real Deal 5 - pin sight weighs in at 6.4 oz. It provides you with a vertical and horizontal axis adjustments as well micro adjustments. To make your micro adjustments you will need a 1/16 allen wrench. Sighting your pins in can be a bit of a problem without the correct allen wrench, which is one of the problems I ran into. Another problem I ran into was the adjustment screws that control the second and fourth pins. I was unable to move the screws to adjust the pin level so I gave Spot Hogg a call and asked them about it. They had a technician on the phone within seconds and he took all of 10 minutes to explain everything I needed to do. Since I was unable to move the screws for the second and fourth pins he advised me to take it to a pro shop to let someone else try adjusting the screws, if they were unable to do so, then I should ship the sight to them. When shipping a product, if you need it returned fast send it via overnight shipping. They will ship it back to you the same way it was delivered to them, I have yet to deal with a company who provided that type of customer service. The technician also informed me that if they were unable to remove the screws then they would send me a new sight, free of charge, and that most work or repairs they will normally be completed the same day they receive your sight. So, if you are in a hurry, you could have your sight back on your bow and ready to shoot in no more than 3 days.

If you want the best sight around, I recommend the Spot Hogg sights. They provide the best customer service and really stand behind their product. It is a great sight, and I believe it will help make you a better shot.

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