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Fox Hunter's Gear

Something that I have always loved doing is fox hunting at night, so when my friend Glenn called me and asked if I wanted to go, I couldn't get changed fast enough. While driving to Glenn's to pick him up, I was mentally going over all the spots that have produced for me in the past and evaluating the ambush sites.
When we arrived at our first site there was a calm in the air that made it feel like tonight was going to be a good night; little did we know just how good. The sun had just set and we were setting up for the first ambush. We picked out a spot near the top of a ridge that gave us cover over the whole bottom. Glenn positioned himself on one side of a big, old oak tree, and I was on the other side with the caller. The idea was for Glenn to shoot the fox while I did the calling.

With the decoy out, I pushed play on the caller and adjusted the volume down low. No sooner than I pushed play, a gray fox came running out of the woods about 80 yards away. As he got closer you could see that he was carrying something in his mouth. About this time the fox spotted the decoy bouncing around and that was all it took. He dropped what turned out to be a dove and ran towards the decoy like a bat out of hell. I sat there thinking that Glenn would shoot any minute. . .any minute now. . .come on Glenn, shoot! The shot never came and I had to shoot before the fox got to the decoy. I grabbed my .410 and let her rip, hitting the fox about 10 yards from the decoy. Glenn jumped about a mile and looked at me like I was crazy. Just then he heard the fox start to bark and he put the finishing touch on him with his 12-gauge. With one gray in the bag, we drove to our next set-up. By now the moon was full and completely illuminating the entire field. I positioned the truck next to a big brush pile and we set up once again. I had only been calling for a couple of minutes when a big beautiful red came wondering down the wood line to investigate. As soon as he got within range, Glenn let loose and the dust went flying. . .that makes two! To keep this short, we set up four more times and four more foxes met their demise. In total we killed five grays and one gorgeous red fox. This had been the most productive night of fox hunting I had ever had. At each set-up it only took a couple of minutes of calling and a fox was quickly on top of us to investigate.
If you’ve ever though about fox hunting, I highly recommend that you give it a try sometime. You don't need to spend a lot of money on an expensive game caller; I use an old radio/CD/tape player from my garage. It has detachable speakers that I spliced 20 feet of wire onto and I use a battery-operated decoy that bounces around on a stick. This decoy works wonders. When the fox sees this fur ball bouncing around, he won't hesitate to come in. I used to use a small plastic garden rabbit, which works too, but not nearly as well as the moving decoy. I just set my speaker out about 20 feet and stick the decoy in the ground a few yards from the speaker, turn on the caller and wait for the action while scanning the area with a red light. The red light has no effect on the fox whatsoever and it doesn't get any easier than that. Give it a try sometime!

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