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Steve Johnson

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The anticipation of the season to come is already forcing me to lose sleep. My TiVo is starting to fill up with the latest hunting shows, and I find myself daydreaming of the heart pounding action that is bow hunting. Yes there are still months to go before I will actually be perched in a tree, but it's already starting. My mind becomes so consumed with hunting it's hard to focus on anything else. I catch myself thinking of the close encounters with giant whitetails of years past and wondering if I will get the shot opportunity this year.

As the scouting process continues I can't help but feel as though I have picked the perfect trees for the season, fine tuned already productive stands and found different setups overlooked in previous years. Scouting cameras are set up and checked to help track whitetail movement, and the anticipation in the Wal-Mart photo line is almost too much to handle. Hour after hour is spent going over every setup, examining how things might work and what could be changed to tip the odds in my favor.

While getting close to giant whitetails is no easy task, even to the most seasoned hunter, the time we spend post-season scouting, pre-season scouting and studying maps and photos can really start to tip the odds for us. Determined to match wits with the mature whitetails of the woods, I will spend countless hours in thought to choose the best strategies for the upcoming season. As the season creeps closer and closer I can only hope for that one split-second opportunity when everything will come together.

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